Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

Thanksgiving turkeyTurkey for Thanksgiving is a tradition that goes way back and we cannot ignore it.

Moreover, this is probably one of the healthiest dishes served on this occasion, so we must have it.

Many of us take a day off from our weight loss diet on Thanksgiving and enjoy a little bit of each of dishes on the table.

But what should we do with the leftovers?

Should we go back to our diet right the next day? No, this is not necessary. Thanksgiving turkey leftovers can be very healthy if eaten the right way.

What are the benefits of turkey meat?

  • First of all, it is a meat that introduces many proteins into our diet. Most weight loss diets recommend high intake of proteins because they help in the weight loss process, they help build muscles and give us energy.
  • Turkey is probably one of the leanest meats. It has almost no fats at all even if it is cooked with the skin on. Specialists in nutrition say that it isn’t necessary to remove the skin before cooking it because the fat in it doesn’t get into the meat. So, if your Thanksgiving turkey was cooked in the oven with the skin on, the meat is still almost fat free.
  • It contains folic acid and B vitamins B1 and B6.
  • It contains zinc and potassium.

The nutrients help regulating blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and cancer, keep blood cholesterol at normal levels and make our immune system stronger in general.

Two ideas for the turkey leftovers

1. Most of us use the meat for sandwiches. Since these are mostly forbidden in weight loss diets, maybe they are not a very good idea. However, sandwiches are made wisely they could be compatible with our weight loss program. Whole grain bread and no mayo or other sauces at all are the key ingredients.

2. White turkey meat with vegetables sauté. This sounds delicious and has very few calories.

In the end it all depends on the way the turkey is cooked, on what the stuffing is made of and how much greasy gravy we put over the food. There are many ways the turkey can be cooked so that it remains dietetic and doesn’t have almost any fats at all.

So, if you have Thanksgiving leftovers include them in your healthy diet.

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