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I met last week one of my high school classmates. I noticed he was wearing this very discreet and elegant gadget pinned to his suit collar. I couldn’t help but ask what was it. It didn’t seem to be a hands free device, so I thought maybe it’s one of those new mp3 players.

But no, it wasn’t any of the above. It was Fitbit Tracker, a device that keeps track not only of your fitness schedule, but also your sleep time. It’s wireless and it uses a 3D motion sensor in order to gather information and supply it to you. Due to its small dimensions and pleasant appearance, you can wear it all day attached to your clothes or in your pocket. At night, you can clip it to a wristband and it will provide you information not only about how much you sleep, but also about the quality of your rest.

The information gathered by Fitbit, such as the amount of exercise performed, burnt calories, steps taken or sleep length, can be entered on the official site. Thus, you are able to analyze your progress and to realize what to improve in your daily activities in order to stay fit and healthy. The site includes even a social network, where you can connect with friends, talk about your goals and achievements regarding Fitbit, and compete with one another. Also, a database comprised of types of food helps you keep track of your diet.

Moreover, you can share the data gathered by your Fitbit with Google Health. Additionally, the above mentioned website offers you the possibility of entering information about your blood pressure. So, you can easily notice whether your medication is working or not; or, you can just use this feature as a helpful diary in case of heart disease.

All in all, if you feel unhealthy, that you’re not getting enough exercise done or that you’re sleep deprived, get one of these gadgets. Maybe putting things in order and keeping them organized will do the trick.

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