The Fruit Ring

The Fruit Ring“The Ring” is an unusual fruit bowl made of porcelain designed by Joung Myung Lee from Germany. It is not placed on a dining table, but hangs on the wall. The concept is between art and design. Just hang it on an accessible wall and fill the bowl with your favorite fruits.

The openings on the top and bottom will help you reach the fruit, while the openings on the sides will help you know the level of fruits remaining in the bowl. The best part about this fruit bowl is that it helps you save a lot of space, especially if you have a small kitchen like I do.

The ring is an useful design object, shape and openings are a new and interesting unit for a fruit bowl. The fruit is put into the opening at the top and can be taken out at the bottom. At both sides opening are located to show the amount of remaining fruit. In small kitchen, space is precious on table, but walls are often left bare. So the ring, decorative design, hang on the wall, make it easier to plan your space.

I couldn’t find it anywhere for sale it and unfortunate, the designer does not reply to questions on his site. Anyway, if you do find it in a shop near you, you can use it in another manner too. Put colorful balls in it and use it to cheer up your room!

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