The Kelly Osbourne Diet

Kelly OsbourneBeing the daughter of a famous rock star may not always be a pleasant experience, especially when your family is a bit out of the ordinary.

Having paparazzi follow your every step can be psychologically challenging for an overweight teenager. The tabloids charge you for your every flaw, making one reach a certain point where he would try about anything to look perfect.

However, this didn’t seem to stop Kelly from approaching a healthier way of losing weight. After fighting with crash diets and drug addiction, she has finally found the secret towards a successful weight loss program.

Kelly Osbourne managed to get from a size 14 to an astonishing size two. But how exactly did she do that and what is her secret?

As she declared in an interview for the US Weekly, losing weight means making a commitment for life. You have to give up on your bad eating habits or you’ll spend the rest of your life yo-yo dieting and with no actual results.

Exercise routine

What helped Kelly the most was competing in the show ‘ Dancing with the stars’. Dancing plus doing Pilates twice a week worked as a charm on her. As she declared in the interview, she never would have thought that dancing could be the solution. After the competition ended, Kelly followed The Bar Method, a strength-training routine she did at least three times a week.

Switch from junk food to healthy food

The first things Kelly gave up on were starchy carbohydrates and sodas. She lost five pounds in one week just by eliminating those from her diet. Now she only eats natural carbohydrates, such as apples. She also gave up on bread, pasta and sugar. If in the past, junk food, sweets and chips were included in her every day meals, now she’d rather have a rice cookie or fruits instead.

Give up on microwave cooked food

This was another advice she gave us in the interview for the US Weekly. Kelly thinks that instead of cooking something unhealthy but fast, we should eat fruits or fresh vegetables, which are for sure a healthier choice.

Positive thinking

Besides exercising and eating healthy, the key to success for Kelly was a positive way of thinking. Whether it’s our mind playing tricks on us or not, many people have experienced what she had: gaining weight when depressed.

That’s why it’s important to feel comfortable in your own body, no matter how you look like. Once you do that and you start thinking positive, the pounds seem to be dropping easier and faster than before.

As she said, getting fit was the hardest thing she ever did. Changing completely the way you look and eat is very difficult but the results are definitely worth it. Getting your self esteem back is priceless and no cake or junk food can substitute that.

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