Top 15 Healthiest Fruits

Healty fruitsI find myself a lot of times that I need to eat something, but I know I’m not hungry because I’ve just eaten an hour ago and I shouldn’t eat something else if I’m smart and I’m aware of my goal to lose fat.

Sometimes I can win over this false hunger, but sometimes I don’t and I try to eat at least something that will bring valuable nutritions to my body.

This is my top 15 fruits I have in mind when this is happening:

  1. Apples1 medium apple (80 calories, 0 g fat): An apple’s 3 g of fiber help you meet your fiber goal of 20 g to 30 g daily. High-fiber diets can lower heart disease risk;
  2. Apricots3 apricots (51 calories, 0 g fat): A good source of beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin A by the body), providing the equivalent of 35% of the RDA for vitamin A;
  3. Bananas1 medium (105 calories, 0 g fat): Bananas are a great source of potassium, which plays a key role in heart health and muscle function. Plus each one has 2 g of fiber;
  4. Blackberries1 cup (74 calories, 0 g fat): This fruit boasts a whopping 10 g of fiber in a single cup;
  5. Blueberries - 1 cup (81 calories, 0 g fat): Blueberries help prevent and treat bladder infections by making it hard for bacteria to stick to urinary tract walls;
  6. Cherries1 cup (84 calories, 1 g fat): A good source of perillyl alcohol, which helps prevent cancer in animals. Heart-protective anthocyanins give cherries their color;
  7. Grapefruits1/2 fruit (39 calories, 0 g fat): A good source of vitamin C and a compound called naringenin, which helps suppress tumors in animals;
  8. Kiwi1 medium (46 calories, 0 g fat): Just one little fruit packs a mean vitamin-C punch (74 mg) and an impressive 2.8 g fiber;
  9. Mangoes1 mango (135 calories, 1 g fat): A single mango has enough beta-carotene to cover your RDA for vitamin A while racking up 57 mg of vitamin C;
  10. Oranges fruits- 1 orange (61 calories, 0 g fat): One orange provides an impressive 50 mg to 70 mg of vitamin C, 40 mcg of folic acid and 52 mg of calcium;
  11. Papayas1 cup, cubed (55 calories, 0 g fat): Loaded with vitamin C (86 mg per cup), a healthy dose of fiber (2.5 g) and a sprinkling of beta-carotene and calcium;
  12. Purple grapes - 1 small (113 calories, 0.9 g fat):Offer three heart-guarding compounds: flavonoids, anthocyanins and resveratrol (green grapes are not rich in them);
  13. Prunes1/3 cup, stewed (87 calories, 0 g fat): Prunes’ famed laxative effect is no mystery: There are 5 g of fiber (both soluble and insoluble) in just 1/3 cup;
  14. Raspberries - 1 cup (60 calories, 0 g fat): Teeming with 8 g of fiber per cup, they also boast vitamin C, ellagic acid and anthocyanins;
  15. Strawberries - 1 cup, sliced (50 calories, 0 g fat): Strawberries have high levels of ellagic acid and anthocyanins, and are rich in vitamin C (95 mg per cup) and fiber (3.8 g per cup).
Top 25 vegetables

What is your favorite fruit and why?

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  1. Anna

    21. February 2007 | 15:22 h

    Great list! I always try eating as healthy as possible.

    How about watermelons?

  2. Nessie

    21. February 2007 | 15:34 h

    This list was about the 15 top healthiest fruits I love to eat. In my opinion, any fruit is good for your health, just that some are better then others and you cannot find all the fruits in the area you are living, so you have to choose.

    Anna, since you asked about watermelons, I can tell you that they are an excellent source of vitamins A, C and B6. They are also a great source of potassium, and extremely low in sodium. Watermelons are a great snack for both children and adults and they contain practically no fat.

    So, if you have melons in your area, go for it!

  3. Andy Green

    21. February 2007 | 15:40 h

    Great blog! I’ll keep an eye.

    P.S. The RSS feed is not working.

  4. Nessie

    21. February 2007 | 15:50 h

    Yes, Andy, the FeedBurner guys were doing some maintenance for an hour or so, but it’s up and running now. Thanks for letting me know about the issue and I hope you’ll enjoy my daily posts.

  5. Craig

    21. February 2007 | 18:00 h

    Thanks for this nice resource on fruit, I think you may have a typo though:)

    Al thought the amount of vitamin C in a orange is impressive I think you probably meant 50 mg to 70 mg and not grams. Taking that much vitamin c would give you a big overdose and could lead to some nasty consequences …. see the below link for details

    Keep up the good work I look forward to reading more interesting fruit facts in the future :)

  6. Nessie

    21. February 2007 | 18:35 h

    Thank you, Craig, for bringing this to my attention and for the link. You were right! I made the change. ;)
    I hope I’ll see you around! :)

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    13. March 2007 | 16:13 h

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  9. Kai

    20. March 2007 | 07:27 h

    Great list – a good one to print out and keep on the fridge as a reminder!

  10. Andrew Won

    12. February 2008 | 04:43 h

    My favourite fruit is peach can u tell me stuff about peach???
    And i also want to kno the things inside acocado (veg)


  11. Andrew Won

    12. February 2008 | 04:48 h

    i wanna kno about peach cuz thts my favourite fruit and veg is avocado
    can u tell me all the goods in them???

  12. Grapefruit Advocate for Animal Safety

    5. August 2009 | 20:39 h

    We should probably eat as much Grapefruit as humanly possible, so we can keep tumors down in animals.

  13. Mark

    23. August 2009 | 20:55 h

    The list of the healthy fruits is very helpful. Now a days people are moving towards the processed fruits and vegetables. One must eat fruits in their natural way else their nutritional value is finished.

  14. matthew

    11. January 2010 | 18:20 h

    Ilove blue berries

  15. vinay

    13. February 2010 | 20:16 h

    I feel pomegranate should be added to the list

  16. Josh

    15. June 2010 | 04:08 h

    Thanks for the list. :)

  17. Missydee

    28. September 2010 | 05:29 h

    Just wondering would you be better off having two apples a day or 1 apple one banana? Thanks :)

  18. Nessie

    4. October 2010 | 18:04 h

    Missydee, one is not necessarily better than the other. Both apples and bananas have health benefits and it’s only a matter of preference. Thus, I would have one apple + one banana because variety is the key to a healthy diet.

  19. Nigel

    14. October 2010 | 00:53 h

    Excellent Blog; Found it really helpful
    5 star’s

  20. Kristen

    13. December 2010 | 07:28 h

    I think guava should be added somewhere on that list.

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  23. Queenseny

    19. February 2011 | 06:19 h

    i’m a girl who’s gonna like and share whatever being good for ourlives, coz wanna adopting or containing better lives’opportunities or such a perfectness in life.

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  25. finchy

    3. March 2011 | 02:15 h

    are the fruits on this list still as good if they are dried? I was thinking for the apricots, grapes, cranberries etc. What about peanuts?

  26. Nessie

    7. March 2011 | 08:38 h

    Finchy, dried fruits are a good snack if you crave for sweets. They are high in calories and sugar and you should be careful how much you eat.

    Raw peanuts and all sort of nuts are a good source of essential fatty acid, but again, watch out for the calories. 50g of nuts per day should be enough.

  27. Berber

    10. March 2011 | 13:49 h

    Mmmmm I love strawberries :D And watermelon is great too.
    You should also try yellow Kiwi, they’re much sweeter than the green ones!

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  29. Milestone Relocation Solutions

    5. May 2011 | 05:56 h

    As a president of a moving company, I will start feeding our movers across the country the following fruits/berries. After careful research, I believe they are the most valuable fruits on Earth:

  30. MIna

    29. June 2011 | 04:44 h

    hey i have a question …. the body will gain wight if it takes over load of calories 2 … each fruit have a certain amount of calories … what is the limit of calories the body should take in the diet situation ?

  31. Nessie

    3. July 2011 | 14:04 h

    Hi, MIna! At the beginning of The Cut Down Calories Plan I explained how should someone set up the calorie intake limit to lose weight. Give it a try and see how it works.

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  35. Captain Cool

    12. September 2011 | 15:40 h

    wow thankyou so much. I had to right an essay about healthy eating and you really helped me with your list.thanks

  36. Angel

    27. January 2012 | 07:50 h

    Watermelon Should definitely be in top 15

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  43. philip vaughan

    10. July 2012 | 18:42 h

    Thanks for all the information we both on a healthy diet started Sunday its going well

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  47. James

    18. October 2012 | 10:11 h

    Pomegranates, Blueberries, Acia, Are healthier then everything on that list….

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