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True or False Signals

  • Chocolate is an energizer – True – Our brain feeds with glucose and chocolate is rich in glucose. If it’s black chocolate, the cocoa also stimulates you just like the coffee does.
  • The more you exercise, the fitter you’ll be – False – Your body becomes more fragile through over-exercising.

  • The food must be cold before refrigerating it – False – According to Food and Drug Administration, the food, especially the meat, must be refrigerated in the next 2 hours after cooking. Every 30-40 minutes after this interval the bacteria on the food will double.
  • Warm clothes help you lose weight faster when exercising – False – Warm may cause muscle rip, but it has no real effect on your weight. You can lose some water, but that weight will be back on when you drink something.
  • Dried fruits are digested as fast as fresh fruits – True – Dried fruits are rich in nutrients, have a smaller quantity of water, but they are digested just as fast as the fresh fruits. The only difference between fresh and dried fruits is that the dried ones have have more calories and sugar/100g (up to 60%-70%).
  • A nutrition based only on proteins can cause osteoporosis - True.
  • The fruits used for cookies contain no vitamins – True – Vitamins are deteriorated by heat.
  • Body lotion prevents cellulite – True – Most body lotions and creams contain Q10 coenzyme or fruit acids. They stimulate the blood circulation and help your body absorb more nutrients.
  • If you chew the food for a longer time, you eat less – True – The information of satiety takes about 15 minutes to reach from your stomach to your brain. If you chew slower you will eat less in the same time as you used to and the intestinal transit is faster.
  • Even if it’s rich in calories, honey helps you lose weight – True – If you drink one glass of water with 1 teaspoon of honey, your blood sugar level will rise and it will lower your appetite. 100 g of honey have 350 calories.
  • You will gain weight from birth control pills – False – Not the pills make you fat, but your overeating does. If the pills improve your appetite, you should talk to your doctor to change them.
  • Wine is recommended in diets – False – Any alcohol stimulates the production of gastric juice which increases your appetite.
  • Products with no animal fat are healthier – False – In the case of those aliments, the animal fat is replaced with partial or complete hydrogenated fat which is even worse than saturated animal fat.
  • Spices help you lose weight – False – They do speed up your metabolism and yes, your body burns more energy, but we are talking about a few calories, less then 50.
  • Alcohol has more calories then the sugar – True – Alcohol has 7 calories/1g and sugar only 4 calories/1g. But the alcohol calories are “fake” because they cannot be immediately transformed into energy. Your body needs extra vitamins and proteins for that.
  • Lemons are the richest fruits in C vitamin – False – Kiwi has 80 mg of C vitamin/100g of fruit, compared to the lemon with only 50mg.
  • Apples’ skin has more antioxidants than the pulp – True.
  • Caffeine prevents calcium absorption – True.
  • You must eat the meat and the greens separately – False – The greens help you assimilate the proteins from the meat. There is another thing if you add starch rich vegetables to your meal, like potatoes.
  • You can gain weight if you drop your diet medication – True – Diet pills only make you eat less or prevent the fat absorption, but they don’t take care of the problem.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional values as the fresh ones – True.
  • Diets can affect your period – True – Only 3 days of strict diet are sufficient for that.
  • Fresh fruits juice can substitute the whole fruit – False – The juice has less vitamin C and A, because they are destroyed by light and the juice has no dietary fibers.
  • Vitamins supplements make you gain weight – False – They will increase your appetite and this could make you gain weight, but only if you overeat.
  • The daily basic of vitamins and minerals can be obtained from vegetables and fruits alone – False – They do have sufficient quantities of vitamin C, carotene and folic acid, but B vitamins can only be found in milk and meat.
  • Wheat bread has less calories than the normal bread – False – They both have almost the same calories. Wheat bread is better, but for different reasons: it has more vitamins and fibers.
  • Anti-cellulite creams help you get rid of cellulite for good – False – They only improve the skin’s aspect, because they can only act on its surface.

Update: More True or False Facts

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  1. Alan

    7. March 2007 | 06:39 h

    great information pls post more of this stuff thanks

  2. Nessie

    7. March 2007 | 11:52 h

    Thanks Alan! I have some more info and I will post it.

  3. Nazadus

    7. March 2007 | 21:31 h

    It’s a good list, however I have two things to say.

    Please number lists. It makes it easier for me to do my next thing…

    “You must eat the meat and the greens separately – False – The greens help you assimilate the proteins from the meat. There is another thing if you add starch reach vegetables to your meal, like potatoes.”

    I think it’s supposed to be “Another thing is if you add starch rich vegetables to your meal, like potatoes, it allows it to assimilate the proteins.” or something like that.

  4. Nessie

    8. March 2007 | 10:45 h

    Thanks Nazadus and welcome to my blog! You were right, of course and I made the change now.
    I did not made it a number list because most people think that the numbers are also showing the importance of the statement, which is not true in this case.

  5. More True or False Facts | DietMotion

    13. March 2007 | 15:50 h

    [...] I noticed that people found my True or False post from a few weeks ago to be useful and some of the comments even asked for a part 2 . So here it is Part 2, split into 2 categories. [...]

  6. Robert

    22. March 2007 | 05:48 h

    Vegemite is a great source of all the B vitamins and it’s made from brewers’ yeast.

  7. Nessie

    22. March 2007 | 11:27 h

    Yes, Robert, I agree, but not everyone can find in the stores Vegemite. So, the regular food is the only source of vitamins available for everybody.

  8. Craig

    6. April 2007 | 00:53 h

    The more you exercise, the fitter you’ll be – True.

    Your question should read, is too much exercise bad? The answer would be yes, over exercise is a problem ” but not for anyone other than pro athletes and people with addictive personalities. For real people, this is of no concern unless they have some sort of medical condition that could hinder the recovery of connective tissues or muscle fiber ” a very small percent of the population”.

    So go out and exercise every day, you won’t get more fragile….

    This is an open ended question. Most “99%” of the population don’t ‘over exercise” they hardly get any at all…. So I would say that this would be a yes, you will be more fit ,for the average person I would say this site is geared towards.

    Also if you supplement your intake of essential nutrients and work into a routine over time, over excercise is very unlikely for people who work and have a life.

    Look at proffesional athletes, only a handful have time out from injury due to over excercise and most of them work out 4-5 times a week with active rest “IE: hiking, walking” not sitting around on the couch, with the exception being body builders who do nothing but weights, diet and sleep.

    Also with exercise, your immune system takes a small hit during the workout, but then gets stronger again during the recovery phase, which should be no longer than 2 days. If its longer than 2 days you were to hard on your body and should back off a bit.

    Best, CB

  9. Aloha Nema

    7. April 2008 | 09:38 h

    I like your stuff.
    A question can be added: Chewing gum can help lose weight? I think true, of course chewing sugar free gum.

  10. Nessie

    15. April 2008 | 11:23 h

    Hello, Nema! Although there are studies that show it is possible, I think this is only theoretical. Practically, you cannot lose weight by chewing gum. :)

    The activity will burn 11 extra calories per hour. Just to lose 1 lb (0,5 kg) you need to chew gum for 318 hours with 100 chews/hour.

  11. Personal Trainer

    23. July 2008 | 00:12 h

    Great list, everything in moderation should be on there.

  12. Prada Sneaker guy

    10. September 2008 | 00:24 h

    I’ve been eating a lot of dark chocolate lately – I definitely get a different kind of energy than what I now think of as trashy milk chocolate.

  13. Total Cleanse

    18. February 2009 | 08:28 h

    Cool little list, I actually knew most of these. Although the over-exercising one is a little misleading.

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