Water Walking

Woman in poolIt’s getting somewhat uncomfortable to exercise outdoors these days – unless you’re able to do this early in the morning, the temperatures go too high up afterwards.

So, what can we do?

One alternative is going to the pool and cool off.

Nevertheless, as long as you’re there, why not try some water walking? We’ve talked about it before, and I’m coming back with details, as you can have a great workout during hot summer days at the pool by walking.

What you need to do is find that area of the pool where your feet touch its floor. At the same time, your arms should be underwater, so the right depth is when the water is just at your neck, above the shoulders.

If you’ve never tried water walking before, start with easy steps, just to get accustomed to the pressure you will be feeling. As soon as you feel at ease in the water, there are several exercises you might want to try:

  • walk backwards and, at the same time, lift your knees up in front of you; you can also try moving your arms forward, as if hugging somebody, in order to obtain a more complete workout;
  • perform jumping jacks while underwater, then immediately try a doing a front kick; repeat several times, each time kicking with a different leg;
  • jump in the water and try making “giant” steps;
  • walk underwater as though moving on a tightrope; use your arms for balance;
  • run in the water as if stepping into tires; repeat 8 times, then run in place while counting from 1 to 8; alternate the moves;
  • performing moves as if you’re skiing cross-country; for increased balance and resistance, use your palms for leading;
  • all of the above can be performed as parts of an interval training, by alternating the exercises and not forgetting to stretch at the end of your workout.

Hint: for support and making sure your training lasts as much as you need, wear water shoes.

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