Weight Loss Plateau

The weight loss plateau is that period in your diet that no matter what you do it seems like you are not losing weight anymore. It can be really frustrating and for a lot of dieters this is the point when they give up! Don’t panic, because it’s not the end of the road for your diet and the weight loss plateau can be overcome with lots of patience and a few methods:

  • Try to break your daily routine with changing the hours you normally eat, but do not skip meals;
  • You can “shock” your organism through disproportional meals. For a week try for example to eat less in a day (not less then 1000 calories), the next day eat how you usually eat when you’re on diet and in the third day eat your normal diet calories + what you lost in the first day;
  • Drink more water then usually;
  • Exercise more;
  • Ignore the scale for at least 2 weeks, because it will only take away your enthusiasm;
  • And not least, don’t forget to smile, because a positive attitude is the key to a successful weight loss.

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