What Are Dietary Supplements?

Everyday supplementsDietary supplements…are they good?

Are they bad?

What is actually a dietary supplement?

The more you read around about nutrition and healthy, balanced menus, the more you encounter this concept.

Most of the people think of iron or calcium tablets or vitamin B for children.

The truth is that dietary supplements are much more complex and not always necessary.

Another troubling question is: what is the difference between nutritional and dietary? Or they mean the same? A little bit of browsingwas the only solution I could think of.

What are dietary supplements?

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 defines the term as being “a product that contains a dietary ingredient intended to supplement the diet”. In other words, we are talking about minerals, herbs, vitamins, amino acids but also compounds such as metabolites, organ tissues or glandulars.

How do dietary supplements look like?

These supplements are commonly found on the market in form such as bars, tablets, capsules or powders. Among the most popular forms, we could mention liquids but also chewable tables of all flavors and shapes. Legislation requires that these dietary supplements are labeled as foods as opposed to drugs.

When to use dietary supplements?

Scientific research has concluded that dietary supplements have a benefic effect in fighting and preventing diseases. For example, vitamin D contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis and to the absorption of calcium while a combination of different vitamins and zinc fights against macular degeneration.

Dietary supplements are recommended when your immune system doesn’t work very well. In other words, persons who watch what they eat and are careful to the adequate supplies of minerals, vitamins or carbohydrates have nothing to worry about. Research hasn’t concluded whether dietary supplements can be harmful when used in excess, so to say.

As you can see, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a little bit of everything then dietary supplements can be simply left out. Keep in mind the golden rule: eat healthy and be active!

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