What To Eat For a Healthy Hair

Blond GirlHair is one of our most valuable assets and sometimes, the thing that best describes our personality.

But taking care of it doesn’t mean only washing it with special shampoos, conditioners or applying a mask once a week.

The true beauty of our hair comes from the inside. We are what we eat and having an unhealthy eating routine can reflect itself on our aspect.

Here is a list with foods that must be included in our diet if you want to improve the health of your hair:

  • Salmon - Is one of the healthiest foods, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, high-quality proteins, vitamin B12 and iron. The omega 3 acids are very good for the balance of the scalp. Ignoring it from our diet can result in a dry scalp and dull hair.
  • Vegetables -Rich in silica and iron, vegetables can help prevent hair loss and actually support the growth of the hair.

Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, which are responsible for producing the sebum that makes our hair shiny and smooth.

Include in your diet leafy vegetables too which are rich in iron and calcium. Don’t forget about carrots, radishes, mint and basil that are also very benefic because of the vitamins they bring to your diet.

  • Fruits - They are the essential nutrient providers for our bodies. Citrus fruits, raisins, grapes, melons and berries help the hair grow, sometimes fastening this process. Coconuts prevent premature graying of the hair and hair loss.
  • Nuts - Walnuts are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, and zinc. Pecans and almonds are also a major source of zinc, which prevents the shedding of the hair. Brazilian nuts are high in selenium, a mineral that keeps the scalp healthy.
  • Spices - Some people think that spices are not good for our health, but what they don’t know is that some of them, like turmeric (plant of the ginger family) and cumin, actually help our bodies absorb all the nutrients from the food that we eat. Absorbing better the nutrients helps our hair grow faster.
  • Eggs - Are an important source of biotin and vitamin B12 which are ones of the most important nutrients for our bodies. Biotin deficiency can make your hair fragile and easy to break.
  • Medium-fat dairy products - Milk, yoghurts and cheese are a major source of calcium and high-quality proteins (whey, casein), both important for the hair growth.
  • Whole grains - Whether you prefer to consume them during breakfast or as a snack, including them in your diet is a must because they are an important source of zinc, iron and B vitamins.
  • Water - It’s main purpose is not only to hydrate your body, but also your hair, keeping it silky and shinny.

Whether we were blessed with a perfect hair or not, following a healthy diet which includes “hair friendly foods” can improve the looks of our hair.

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