Why Join a Gym

Gym TrainingWhenever you start a weight loss program you have to include exercises too and this could not be that easy.

There are different types of activities that you can do in order to achieve your goal and the first one that comes up in my mind is joining a gym. Analyze the pro’s and con’s and decide if this is the place for you!


  • There are multiple classes to attend, there should be one for you too
  • There’s usually a wide range of equipment to help you target weigh loss
  • Professionals are often on hand to offer advice on fitness and exercise
  • Most modern exercise equipment will have a heart rate monitor, making it easy to stay in the target heart rate zone during your workout
  • Joining the gym may be the motivation you need when beginning a weight loss program. Being with other people that have the same target as you helps a lot.
  • All the areas highlighted in the exercise program section can be achieved at the gym.


  • Gym membership is often expensive and not for someone on a tight budget.
  • If you feel uncomfortable exercising in public the gym is not the place to go.
  • The working hours for the gym may not correspond with your free time.
  • Depending on the gym, you can lose valuable time just to get there.

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